Boat-based whale watching
Southern Right Whale

This season you can live a unique experience; watch the whales on their natural habitat, from boats owned by the company, with whaling guides and photographer on board.

The boats for the whale watching depart from Puerto Pirámides (100 km. Away from Puerto Madryn). The captain and the specialized crew will introduce the passengers into the interpretation of the coastal and marine ecosystem, and they will be assisted by bilingual auxiliary staff on board. This navigation is classified as the one with the most naturalistic enjoyment of Peninsula Valdés, during the development of it, we will learn about the biologic cycle of the whales: mating, birth and breeding of the whale calf.

Daily departures from Puerto Pirámides: 10:00, 12:00 y 14:00 hs.

Duration: 1.5 hours approx. Subject to weather conditions and availability

NOTE: This service does not include: transfer from the hotel in Puerto Madryn to Puerto Pirámides and the other way around, entrance to the Península Valdés reserve, food, and any other unspecified service. Ask about transfer options.

Environmental Policy Bottazzi Watching’s S.A. (B.K.B S.A.)

Our company dedicates to whale watching and it is located in Puerto Pirámides, Península Valdés, Word Heritage. Tito Bottazzi Whale Watching is highly committed in the interaction with the natural media with the least environmental impact possible, preventing pollution, encouraging awareness in our clients about nature and the importance of its care.

We make our passengers sensitive regarding conservation topics so that future generations can meet the Argentinian marine coastline ecosystem and can continue enjoying whale watching as a recreative activity strengthening the development of sustained tourism.

We recognize that whale watching, through the years has had an exponential demand from the tourists, which has incremented pressure ever the natural resources of this desertic area; therefore, the implementation of good environmental practices is a key aspect of our daily work, being the continuous improvement a management tool that regulates our activity.

For this end, we optimize the watching’s frequency, minimize the use of hydrocarbons and natural resources and we properly dispose the wastes generated by the activity. All of this within the law and other voluntary rules that go beyond the current regulations. The regulations and the environmental policy are available to the public and are known by all the staff of Tito Bottazzi Whale Watching.

On this way we motivate visitors and employees to have a responsible behavior, fomenting the protections and conservation of the Southern Right Whale as a sustainable, non-lethal resource and that in a certain way guarantees its integrity, also satisfying the needs and necessities of our passengers, trying to position the whale watching as a commercial activity of reference learning loyalty to our clients.

Teresa María Kaminski - President of B.K.B. S.A.

It is essencial for everybody to understand the importance of taking care of the environment and to reduce as much as posible our impact on the planet.

Our company uses engines of low CO2 emission.
We optimize the watchings.
The company’s staff is aware of making actions related with the saving of energy.
We use energy-efficient bulbs at our office.
EThe staff use land vehicles with low CO2 emission.
We perform the separation of wastes in our offices to collaborate with the recycling system at GIRSU.

Equipment and boats

24 pax. Uncover boat dock. Semi-rigid.

49 pax. Uncovered cabin-height.

70 pax. Covered cabin-height.

The company has three (3) specially designed and equipped boats for whale watching, with comforts for the passenger, ecological engines and ideal instrumental for the watching.

They have 360° vision with no obstacles interfering. The boats and the staff are authorized by Prefectura Naval Argentina and Secretaría de Turismo del Chubut, giving a guarantee of the safety and comfort for the passengers.

Safety: one of the questions some people have about the watching, refers to the safety when sailing with whales. We don't have any data in our area about accidents caused by them. Their extremely pacific nature allows us to perform watchings in total serenity. This experience can be performed by passengers of all ages, from babies in arms to elders. Also, the boats are provided with the elements and safety rules required by Prefectura Naval Argentina for this activity. The constant revision and maintenance of the nautical park make the excursions safe and pleasant. Coverage of insurance policies in authorized companies.

Auxiliary elements: Echo sounder. Radar and GPS. VHF bandwidth. Hydrophone (Whale sounds).

About Us - Whale Watching

We are family company, we provide excursions, carry passengers and interpret different ecosystems, mainly based on the watching of the Right Southern Whale. MORE INFO