Our mission

We are a family company born at the beginnings of 1980, founded by Tito Bottazzi and Teresa Kamisnski.

We provide excursions, carrying passengers and interpreting different ecosystems, mainly based on the whale watching of the Southern Right Whale.

We make our clients sensitive to the protection and conservation of our ecosystems and about the natural resources of our planet so that future generations can enjoy them.

Experience, through the many years, has allow us to position as one of the leader companies in providing touristic services in Península Valdés.

The company has its own boats to perform navigations for watchings from June to December and nautical trips with fauna watching and snorkeling during the summer months.

Our vision

Our highly qualified staff follows the quality standards and the directions on environmental managing of the company, transmitting on this way the commitment with the environmental care, generating the least possible impact to the environment and the marine, coastline and terrestrial ecosystems.

We seek to be a leader company related with whale watching collaborating in this way with the development of sustained tourism in Península Valdés.

Environmental Policy Bottazzi Watching’s S.A. (B.K.B S.A.)

Our company dedicates to whale watching and it is located in Puerto Pirámides, Península Valdés, Word Heritage. Tito Bottazzi Whale Watching is highly committed in the interaction with the natural media with the least environmental impact possible, preventing pollution, encouraging awareness in our clients about nature and the importance of its care.

We make our passengers sensitive regarding conservation topics so that future generations can meet the Argentinian marine coastline ecosystem and can continue enjoying whale watching as a recreative activity strengthening the development of sustained tourism.

We recognize that whale watching, through the years has had an exponential demand from the tourists, which has incremented pressure ever the natural resources of this desertic area; therefore, the implementation of good environmental practices is a key aspect of our daily work, being the continuous improvement a management tool that regulates our activity.

For this end, we optimize the watching’s frequency, minimize the use of hydrocarbons and natural resources and we properly dispose the wastes generated by the activity. All of this within the law and other voluntary rules that go beyond the current regulations. The regulations and the environmental policy are available to the public and are known by all the staff of Tito Bottazzi Whale Watching.

On this way we motivate visitors and employees to have a responsible behavior, fomenting the protections and conservation of the Southern Right Whale as a sustainable, non-lethal resource and that in a certain way guarantees its integrity, also satisfying the needs and necessities of our passengers, trying to position the whale watching as a commercial activity of reference learning loyalty to our clients.

Teresa María Kaminski - President of B.K.B. S.A.

It is essencial for everybody to understand the importance of taking care of the environment and to reduce as much as posible our impact on the planet.

Our company uses engines of low CO2 emission.
We optimize the watchings.
The company’s staff is aware of making actions related with the saving of energy.
We use energy-efficient bulbs at our office.
EThe staff use land vehicles with low CO2 emission.
We perform the separation of wastes in our offices to collaborate with the recycling system at GIRSU.


From 2015 we are certified with IRAM-ISO 9001 rules (quality management) with the objective of achieving efficiency and constant improvement in the processes for the satisfaction of the final client.

Quality management system - IRAM ISO 9001:2008
Provision of nautical transport service of people for the watching of whales with touristic purposes in the Golfo Nuevo waters, departing from Puerto Madryn.

Certificate IQnet and IRAM Management System ISO 9001:2008
Nautical transportation services provider for whale watching tourist purposes in Golfo Nuevo Waters departing from the town of Puerto Pirámides.

Quality Policy of Tito Bottazzi's Watchings (B.K.B S.A.)

B.K.B. S.A. Takes over as quality policy the following lineaments, in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 rule.

Our main concern in B.K.B. S.A. Is our client's satisfaction, the decrease of risks and the maintenance of an effective relation with the interested parties in our organization. In addition, we make efforts to assure the highest levels of quality and efficacy in the watching of marine fauna service, and the fulfillment of all legal and obligatory applicable requirements.

We constantly concern so that our processes and services are framed within the philosophy of the continuous efficacy of our management system of quality. Today we have assumed the commitment to reach excellence in the provision of the watching of the general marine fauna and in the whales in particular.

We carry this out with the participation of our organization's staff, giving them the necessary formation and assistance, without looking after the rentability of our company, essentials to last in time.

The executive managers of the organization, fully committed with the quality policy, promoting its communication so that it is known and understood by all the staff.

In addition, we also promote the periodic revision to adequate it to new sceneries and to continue satisfying in an efficient way the requirements of the members of the party.

Teresa María Kaminski - President B.K.B. S.A.