Puerto Pirámides

Life in our community is closely related with the caring of our natural monument: The Southern Right Whale.

Mariano Van Gelderen, popularly known as The King of the Whales tells that in 1972, when Jacques Cousteau arrived in the Calypso, he only found the whales that were on the way to Golfo San José, to breed and to have their calves. At that moment, some of the scuba divers noticed the interest that they arise in the few tourists that visited the area and started to perform occasional excursions on their boats, that later they adapted for the formal transfer of passengers.

In 1973 the first four females with calves staying for the whole season appeared in Golfo Nuevo, where now a day the watching is done. In the same year the first Whale Watching and Nautical company was founded in the town, that, by then, wouldn't reach eighty inhabitants.

Today, Puerto Pirámides has a stable population, the only one in Península Valdés, seeking sustainability through a community life-style and that is visited by thousands of tourists from all around the world every year.

How to Get

By air

Aerolíneas Argentinas
Flights from Buenos Aires to Trelew (70 Km. from Puerto Madryn)

Tel: 0810-222-VOLAR (86527)

Andes Líneas Aéreas
Flights from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn

Tel: 0810-777-ANDES (26337)

By Land

The city of Puerto Madryn is located 1400 km. away from the city of Buenos Aires. The companies that travel every day to the city of Puerto Madryn are:
Don Otto - Andesmar - El Pingüino - El Cóndor - La Estrella - Que Bus

Puerto Pirámides reserve is 98 km from the city of Puerto Madryn. The company 28 de Julio has daily trips to Puerto Pirámides departing from Puerto Madryn's bus station.

Distances from Puerto Madryn:
Buenos Aires 1450 km.
Caleta Valdés 179 km.
Comodoro Rivadavia 450 km.
Dique F. Ameghino 183 km.
El Calafate 1388 km.
Esquel 674 km.
Gaiman 81 km.
Isla de los Pájaros 79 km.
Puerto Pirámide 98 km.
Punta Delgada 174 km.
Punta Norte 171 km.
Punta Tombo 181 km.
Rawson 82 km.
Rio Gallegos 1235 km.
Rio Grande 1581 km.
Santa Cruz 992 km.
Trelew 67 km.
Ushuaia 1799 km.
Viedma 447 km

By water

You can come to our city in some of the cruise ships that visit us during the months between October and March.