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Movies and caring of the environment for Students from Puerto Pirámide

Thanks to the conjoined effort of the Foundation “Protejamos Patagonia”, “Bottazzi Whale Watching” and “Flowers and Tourism”, on 4th October 2018, EVERY child on Comodoro Luis Py primary school from the city of Puerto Pirámide had the chance to go to the cinema in Puerto Madryn to enjoy a series of short movies related with the environment as part of Patagonia Eco Film Fest.

The day continued with a visit to the Provincial Museum of Natural Science and Oceanographic, in which they had a guided tour. When it was finished, they went to the Toschke historical house, there, they were welcomed by guides wearing the typical Welsh outfit, who told them old anecdotes of the fist Welsh school in Puerto Madryn.

To conclude, the children went to visit Regina Australe Catamaran, another big attraction of the city of Puerto Madryn, in which they had lunch and received a nice talk from the crew of the ship.

Children from Puerto Pirámide enjoyed a different day! They had learnt many things related to environmental cinema, animals living in the sea, histories from the Welsh in Patagonia, and met a touristic Cruise Ship of big importance for the city!

Bottazzi Watching company takes for free hundreds of children of primary schools from the inner part of the province of Chubut to navigate.