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  • Tito Bottazzi Founder (1952-2013) Professional scuba diver licensed by Prefectura Naval Argentina and the authorities of that time of the Argentinian Fed. of Subaquatic Activities.
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    Tito Bottazzi (Feb 1952 - May 2013)

    Born and rise in Belgrano, city of Buenos Aires.

    Professional scuba diver licensed by Prefectura Naval Argentina and the authorities of that time of the Argentinian Federation of Subaquatic Activities. Pioneer, visionary and avant-garde of the Argentinian sea, he related with diving and navigation at a young age.

    Pursuing a dream, he arrived in Península Valdés first as an instructor for students studying to get their licenses in La Plata, and then as a businessman of diving and whale watcher.

    He was part of the first students of the bachelorship in Ecology taught in the Museum of La Plata.

    Author of the elaboration of the rules of Técnica Patagónica and Buenas Prácticas, that along with the pioneers, left their stamp for its use for the current and following generations.

    He went across most of the country and foreign countries giving conferences and spreading knowledge about the incredibly scenery of the fauna and flora of Península Valdés.

    During his life he deeply honored his responsibility as a licensee of the whale watching in the province of Chubut.

    He was a lecturer during the first and second Encuentro Internacional de Avistadores de Ballenas sited in Puerto Madryn.

    Tito's Bottazzi signature left a stamp on the constitution of the Statute located in Chubut of the International Whale Watchers Association.

  • Teresa María Kaminski Founder, President President of the Agency All Peninsula Valdes y Avistadora Tito Bottazzi, she held the destiny of both societies on her hands since the 90's.
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    Teresa María Kaminski

    President of the Agency All Peninsula Valdes y Avistadora Tito Bottazzi, she held the destiny of both societies on her hands since the 90's.

    In the field of intermediate organizations, she participated for a decade in Cámara de Comercio of the city of Puerto Madryn, constituting as a legacy the Tourism Commission in the heart of it, resulting in the base for the creation of Ente Mixto and the today Asociación de agentes de turismo de Península Valdés.

    Regarding diving, main activity in Golfo Nuevo, together with Edgardo Rosas "Alacrán" she started the unprecedented experience of sinking boats in disuse to turn them into wrecks for the enjoyment of the divers that visit us year after year.

    Co-creator of the first Reglamentación Provincial sobre Operadoras de Buceo together with the company Aquatours and the tourism expert Leo Gaffet. Such regulation was produced thanks to the unconditional support of the recognized tourism specialist Antonio Torrejon.

    Participant of the organizing commission of the 1st and 2nd meeting of the IWWA "International Whale Watching Association" in Península Valdés.

    Member of Ecovaldés Foundation, for the strategic defense of the environment, nature and its relationship with the rise of the life quality of the region's communities. Pepe Castro being the president of such entity.

    As a member of the "pioneer group" of the Watching area, and with perfect attendance, she was an active part of the working table and creator of the rules that today the experts of the word consult regarding the creation of the Patagonic Technique for Cetacean Watching in Peninsula Valdés and Código de Buenas Prácticas inevitably related with the Ethic Behavior on the sea. Work performed with the participation of watching experts as Mariano Van Gelderen, Pinino Orri, Rafael Benegas , Sebatian Romero, Sergio Fernández and other distinguished navigators. This decree was incredibly successful thanks to the undeniable presence of the coordinator and loved Noemi Corral.

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  • Carlos Bottazzi Captain, guide, logistics Elder son of the funders. He grew up in a touristic environment due to his parents’ activities, he is connected to different touristic activities of the area for the development of the place.
  • Romina Bottazzi Captain, guide, logistics Second child of the funders. She's been working professionally in the whale watching boats since she was 16. today, she collaborates with different ONG's dedicated to the conservations of species.
  • Miguel Bottazzi Captain, guide, logistics Younger child of the funders. Since he was a boy he has been with his father on the sea. Recently he has been invited by different countries and ONG's to give lectures about the protection of the whales.
  • Stephanie Stefanski Environmental Advisory Is the Secretary of the Working Group for the Responsible Watching and it is involved in the Executive Commitee of Patrimony Sites of Whales of the Cetacean Word Aliance, where Bottazzi Whale Watch is represented.
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    Stephanie Stefanski

    She got her doctorate in environmental sciences at Yale University and she is a doctoral student in environmental economy at Duke University, in Nicholas School of the Environment, in the US. She is the Secretary of the Work Team of Responsible Whale Watching and she is involved in the Steering Committee of Sitios de Patrimonio de las Ballenas de la Alianza Mundial de Cetáceos, where Bottazzi Whale Watch is represented.

    She actively works in the Bottazzi company during her trips to Argentina.

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  • Ricardo Mongelós Maintenance chief He is some local young who has decided to stay on his city to apply his vast experience on engines, tractors, and big machines.

History of the Funders

At the beginnings of the 80's, Puerto Madryn had 20.000 inhabitants and its economy had a great push due to the industrial and fishing development, centered in the benefits granted by the deep-water port. by those years, our company bet to a future in which the caring of the environment and nature would go far over the environmental pollution and the predation of the been.

Today, half a century later and in the middle of a port-industrial age